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“There isn’t a vehicle that TAROX can’t stop”

Since 1976 TAROX’s speciality has been vehicle braking solutions. The TAROX name was built on its proficiency at solving customers braking problems.
All phases of TAROX manufacturing process are regulated by the ISO 9001 quality system, a testament to the company’s competence and professionalism, proving its ability to work with even the most demanding automotive partners.

Each TAROX brake system – although being a fully independent unit and designed accordingly – will always work in conjunction with electronic safety mechanisms such as ABS and software based safety systems such as EBD.

The existing TAROX range is not a restraint, as the company is constantly designing and developing and upgrading our range of discs and calipers. If a caliper does not exist to suit a project a new one can be designed developed and tested within a small space of time.


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