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Warranty covers all manufacturing defects and its duration is set by law at 24 month after the sale of the component.

As brake components are serviceable items, any requests for warranty after the component has been fitted on to the vehicle, is subject to an inspection by TAROX or a duly authorised representative. Any warranty is automatically null and void if the brake components are used in competition and/or with racing brake pads.

Should any component be found to be faulty TAROX can – in it absolute discretion – decide to either replace the components or to fully refurbish them.

TAROX’ warranty only covers its brake components and expressly excludes any request of refund
of any additional costs whatsoever.

If you have a warranty claim you must to contact the seller of the TAROX brake component
who will be able to assist you.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your claim you can contact TAROX using the relevant contact form . In doing so we need from you the following information:

  • The TAROX component exact part number (should be in your invoice)
  • When did you buy it
  • Where did you buy it (name and address of the dealer)
  • On what vehicles it was fitted – the more information the better
  • How many miles/kilometres have you done with the kit
  • If the warranty regards discs or brake conversion kit, what type of brake pads have you been using.
  • Possibily a picture of the component showing the problem.

No warranty can be offered to second hand TAROX components.