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“Motorsport is dangerous “


When used in competition, vehicles are usually driven to their limits and essential factors which are considered important in normal road use, such as consumption, smooth ride and comfort, are disregarded in favour of more important elements such as speed, traction and handling.

Whilst normal road drivers must abide to the relevant laws that rule the essential aspects of driving (speed limits, overtaking, general safety) in motorsport it is quite the opposite and risk taking is one of the key factors of being successful.

It has to be considered when using a car on a race track that it involves increased stress on essential components such as tyres, clutch, engine and brakes. Brake components must be constantly monitored to avoid the situation where excessive wear or fatigue affects the performance of the brakes and – ultimately – safety.

For all these reasons, although TAROX is committed to submit all its production to the most stringent quality checks, cannot offer any warranty for brake components used – even partially – on a race track nor accept any liability for any damage arising in connection with the competitions.