TAROX Certificazioni


TÜV is an independent accredited body, which is enabled to issue certification of quality on virtually anything, from medical devices, to electrical installations, from lifting devices to electrical equipment, from steam boilers to automotive parts. The acronym TÜV stands for Technische Überwachungs Verein, which can be loosely translated into Technical Inspection Association.

TÜV Certificate is an official recongnition that TAROX braking components conform to European Council Directive  no 71/320/EEC of 26/07/1971 relating to “braking devices devices of certain categories of motor vehicles and other trailers” as last amended by European Commission directive 98/12/EC of 27/01/1998.

The test for obtaining the TÜV certificate for TAROX products consisted of a standard procedure for all braking components, rigidly regulated by the above mentioned EC regulations. Both brake discs and the brake conversion kits were tested  simulating the different stresses and strains on the brakes that are experienced in everyday usage and beyond.
The brakes were tested in different circumstances by simulating varying road situations while varying the vehicle load and performing normal braking applications, an abrupt emergency stop at two thirds of the vehicles maximum speed and a series of consecutive high speed emergency stops. The brakes were then thoroughly examined and X-Rayed in the TÜV laboratories to ensure that the structure of each braking component was free from any micro-fractures internally or externally.

The TÜV certification may be a legal requirement based on country of residence. If you live in Germany or Austria, TÜV certification  is mandatory for all aftermarket parts. In other parts of the world, TÜV certification may be needed to pass the car’s periodic inspection as an indication of a products quality, due to the strict guidelines of the test.

To request a copy of the TÜV certificate e-mail TAROX using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Since 2004 TAROX has implemented a ISO 9001 compliant Quality System. The aim is to be acknowledged as a company who designes and manufactures products, superior to its competitor from the technological point of view, extremely reliable, backed by a thorough after-sale service

All this means the constant committment of all staff, including the top managment which encourages suggestions, acknowledges the input of any member of staff intended to improve the quality of its products and customer service, supports any effort aimed
to the improvement of the global quality.


TAROX’s Technical competence is further strenghtened by the certificate stating compliance with the laws and regulation of road transport at International level (ECE regulations), European level (EG directives) and German level . This compliance is essential to receive any form of certification from the German Ministery of Transport, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA).
Such certificate satisfies the requirements of annex XIX StVZO to obtain German “Teilegutachten”.


TAROX’s ISO 9001 compliant Quality System and its conformity with the laws and regulation of road transport at International level (ECE regulations), European level (EG directives) and German level allow the company to issue Certificates of Conformity in respect of its brake conversion kits with larger discs and calipers.

A Certificate of Conformity is issued on application and

  1. states that the brake conversion kit in question meets and exceed the performance of the original equipement brakes which replaces
  2. includes a picture of the components of the brake conversion kit in question.

To request a Certificate of Conformity contact TAROX using the relevant contact form.