The website is intended to give product information only. The final price of TAROX products are influenced by several factors, such as taxes and import duties, carriage costs, etc. For example in EC countries VAT rates varies from country to country although a few of them use Euro as their currency.

On the other hand, overseas countries may subject import goods to import duties and local taxes whose amounts vary according to different criteria.
For this reason we can only quote an accurate price if we know where the goods will be actually sold and whether they will be purchased by a trading company or by a private retail customer. To receive the latest price list or a quote, e-mail TAROX using the relevant contact form at the bottom of the page


TAROX calipers do not need special dust seals because work in a different way. Each piston has a number of o – rings that prevent dirt, dust, water, and other possible debris to penetrate the piston’s chamber.
It is not a case that amphibious cars` owners choose TAROX


All TAROX brake conversion kits are designed to work in conjunction with all other existing brake components. TAROX brake kits do not interfere with any electronic device including but not limited to ABS and all the piston sizes are tailored to suit the car’s original equipment master cylinder


It is not always possible to supply a wear indicator on performance pads. If supplied, it is only as a courtesy. If a wear indicator is required, it is often possible to transfer the existing indicator from the replaced pads.
TAROX strongly recommends that customers regularly check brake pad and disc wear.


All TAROX brake calipers were designed to be used – on street and in competition – without need to be periodically serviced.
This is because each piston uses of O-rings to keep out the dirt, dust and other agents from the chamber of the piston,
so use of dustcaps is not needed.

However, if you feel that the caliper need rebuilding it is strongly advised that only experienced and qualified professionals dismantle the calipers for carrying out its service.


Most alloy wheel cleaners are strongly advised against when Tarox calipers are fitted. This is because all TAROX brake calipers are anodised and not coated – anodising is a electrolytic passivation process which changes the actual surface of the metal – . Alloy wheel cleaner or any acid based cleaning products can damage the caliper anodising beyond repair .
The video shows the most appropriate way of cleaning a wheel and a TAROX caliper: wash the wheel, remove it , then wash the full assembly. High pressure water if available is the best method of cleaning although just warm water will be sufficient. As demonstrated in the video if a more thorough cleaning is required a toothbrush is ideal as it can remove most dirt without damaging the finish of the calipers.