Competition Brake Discs

TAROX racing brake discs are available for any Motorsport application. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process come from specialised foundries that are ISO9000 and TÜV certified.
The discs are produced from solid billet and have been designed to have exceptionally high tensile strength. The Ultimate Tensile Strength (U.T.S) for these discs is rated at 57kg per square mm. To put this figure into perspective the standard for racing specification discs is usually 38kg per square mm and the CEE standard U.T.S is 25 kg per square mm.

Two manufacturing processes give TAROX discs their outstanding quality

  • All racing discs are subject to a residual stress relieving heat treatment to deliver the best performance in all conditions. This keeps the disc more stable at extreme temperatures. Characteristics such as warping, cracking, fade, knock off are all massively reduced and pad and disc life is extended dramatically.
  • After being machined the surface of each discs is manually ground to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm creating a perfectly level surface to ensure that the discs will run true


Discs size, & face types
TAROX racing brake discs are available in a range of sizes from 248mm to 400mm and can be ordered with any of the following facings

  • ZeroC83Straight grooves
  • G88D95Cross drilled – all holes countersunk for crack reduction
  • Sport JapanF2000Curved grooves
  • Sport JapanSPORT JAPAN PLUSCurved grooves alternated with cross drills

Racing Disc Homologation
In some classes of racing brakes are heavily regulated by the relevant technical rules: in some cases the brake surface must be perfectly plain, in others it must follow a precise pattern dictated by the homologation papers . If this is the case it is essential to advise TAROX and supply a accurate drawing of how the brake surface should look.

Matching discs & calipers: the “F” Factor
For all discs listed in this catalogue we provide the size of the maximum pad depth (“F”). Some TAROX calipers work with 50mm brake surface width, other with 60mm and when matching the discs with the caliper is essential to take into account this dimension to ensure the best results. If in doubt please contact the TAROX Technical Department for advise.

Disc Mounting : Bolted vs. Floating
The racing discs list features both discs with both floating and bolted arrangements. By rule of thumb the floating arrangement is not recommended for conditions where the track is not perfectly clean and dirt or debris may interfere with the floating mechanism causing vibrations and run out . If in doubt as to what arrangement is more suitable for your car contact the TAROX Technical Department.

TAROX Discs Racing Codes
Each TAROX racing brake disc is identified by a unique part number that is explained as follows.

Bespoke Racing Discs
TAROX list a variety of ready to order discs which should cover all racing needs. If a disc with bespoke dimensions is needed this can be ordered by requesting the relevant order form in the contact area.