Brake Systems


Rear disc upgrades are a great way of improving looks and performance on the rear of your vehicle when regulations from government bodies restrict the use of a hydraulic caliper. These kits in most occasions use a two piece disc with a spacer bracket to relocate the original caliper in order to accommodate the larger disc.


For any questions regarding these brake upgrades, please fill out the form in the contact area. You will receive technical support from qualified staff able to meet your needs.

Homologation and Certificates

TAROX follow the quality standard of ISO UNI EN 9001. Most of TAROX’s production, including the majority of its conversion kits, has TÜV approval.
TAROX is in constant liaison with the relevant certifying authorities to renew its quality certification and to update the TÜV approval for its most recent production. For the most up to date information about TÜV approval, including a scan of the actual TÜV certificate, sales@tarox.com